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Improvement of the security situation at the ancient city of Palmyra – University of Copenhagen

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18 May 2015

Improvement of the security situation at the ancient city of Palmyra

According to official Syrian sources as well as monitoring groups, the archeological site of Palmyra is not threatened by ISIS militants any longer. During last week, ISIS militants were reported to advance on the city of Palmyra, threatening its archeological and cultural sites and causing heavy clashes near them. However, recent reports indicate that ISIS fighters have been obliged to pull back from the city, eastwards away from the vicinity of the archeological site.

The reports on ISIS advancement, placing its priceless cultural heritage in danger, have led to wide national and international condemnation and outrage, and have been followed closely by the media. Currently, there still remain deep concerns on the possibility for ISIS militants to launch another assault on the city in the future, given the strategic position of the city of Palmyra.

Temple of Bel, Palmyra. Photo: Wikipedia

Palmyra is among the 6 UNESCO’s WHL sites, that were declared “in danger” in Syria in 2013. The site is famous for its monumental architecture, including temples, theaters, colonnaded Main Street, all attest to the glory of the city during the Classical period (Hellenistic, Greco- Roman). Read more about the outstanding value of the site here.