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Mediaeval souk of Aleppo

Historical & archaeological value

Aleppo’s souk or swūq has been at the heart of the city for centuries and represents one of its unique features. Largely built in the medieval period, the souk is roofed (like the one in Damascus) and has a network of stone archways and cobbled streets. The earliest evidence for construction of the souk dates from the Selucid period (ca. 300 BC), and during the Abbasid period it was one of the most visited souks in the country. However its location between the citadel, where the ancient temple of Hadad stood, and the town suggest much older usage going back thousands of years. The souk runs for around 12km and includes different linking streets as well as separate workshops and sections where specific goods, such as clothes and tools have been sold for centuries. The souk is located close to famous buildings such as the great Umayyad mosque and the Yelbaġā hammam dating to the Mamluk period.