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Nibal Muhesen, Post.doc.

Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
Karen Blixensvej 4, building 10, room 10.4.63
2300 Copenhagen S
Mob: +45 51302733


Nibal Muhesen is a post.doc fellow, employed by the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies-University of Copenhagen as an Academic officer associated with various research projects in Syria and in the Arabic region. He received his M.A and PhD, on Syrian archaeology during the Bronze Age, specially the glyptic evidences, awarded by the University of Louis Lumière Lyon II in France.  His main research area is the analyses of “Old Syrian” style seals and their impressions found in Anatolia during the Old Assyrian Colony Period (within the Old Assyria Text Project (OATP). Currently he is associated with research project over the heritage status in Syria and the impact of the conflict on it. He coordinated  the webpage about the cultural heritage in Syria, tempting to monitor the situation from the outside, and providing documented various damages to it. This is done through an enhanced networking with stakeholders and significant Syrian Academics, as well as international experts, on the ground.  Also, he is undertaking various research activities related to the teaching program at the department as well as taking part in research and collaboration educational programs between the University of Copenhagen and its international partners.